2008 Til Infinity

Hey all, here are my picks of exceptional songs released in 2008. Some of these are from debut bands -- see my CHIRP exposé for further commentary. The links for each track below sends you to the album it came from.

Download 2008 Til Infinity

1. Parks & Gardens: Enwaisea
2. Ceiling Songs: Terrible Twos
3. KiDDid: Son March In (contact KiDDid to purchase the Compound 440r comp)
4. Josephine Foster: All I Wanted Was The Moon
5. The Natural Yogurt Band: Space Echo (also available from Dusty Groove)
6. Daedelus: Get Off Your HiHats
7. Atlas Sound: Recent Bedroom
8. Flying Lotus: Beginners Falafel
9. Squarepusher: The Coathanger
10. Last Step: My Home Recordings
11. Stereolab: Cellulose Sunshine
12. Portishead: Nylon Smile
13. Hatchback: Closer To Forever
14. Nightmares on Wax: 195 Lbs
15. Daedelus: Bass In It

Thanks for listening. Until next year, DJ Bylamplight

PS. cover art is a remix of Blue Bear Monkey by Derringdos


Lowdjo said...

Excellent choice, will be downloading straight after work!!!
Happy New Year my friend!!

David said...

Here's something funny. My niece made the Blue Bear Monkey for my son this Christmas. We, and the Blue Bear Monkey live . . . in Chicago, just like Kumar.

What are the odds of THAT?

David said...

By the way, in case I was ambiguous, I literally mean the Blue Bear Monkey in the picture resides in our family room on Portage Park at the moment.

kumar said...

Hi David. That is an odd coincidence. I found the pic by searching "2008" on flickr, which seems to yield some questionably 2008 related imagery. Greetings from Uptown :)

Lowdjo said...

That's weird, indeed!
Yow K-man, i've been enjoying this compilation sooooo much, that i've been thinking about doing some kind of a mix with the tracks, maybe use some of oblomow's compil... and throw some of my favourite tracks in, .....soon!

kumar said...

I love the idea of mixing with mixes. It's very post modern :)

Anonymous said...

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