Springtime Crossover!

I've been stockpiling some killer 45s so what better time than springtime to put together a little comp? It kinda turned into a Garage / R&B crossover thing and digs into some evil rockers from the Garage Greats reissue series too. Don't miss the Chiquita record (wow!) on Cha Cha or the R&B / Doo-Wop number La La by The Cobras. These two absolutely kill me.

UPDATE: For our Chicago readers, I'll be DJing 45s like these with Dr. Drase at Hot Smoke & Mini Skirts - see you on the dance floor!

Download ZIP of MP3s

1. 49th Parallel -- Laborer (RCA Victor)
2. Bobby Long -- Mo Jo Workout (Vegas)
3. The Sonics -- Psycho (Etiquette)
4. The Cobras -- La La (Swan)
5. The Raves -- Don't Chop Down My Tree (Smash)
6. The Raves -- Think of Your Love (Smash)
7. The Todds -- I Want Her Back (Toddlin' Town)
8. The Plague -- Go Away (Garage Greats)
9. Red Shepard & The Flock -- She's A Grabber (Philips)
10. The Calico Wall -- I'm A Living Sickness (Dove)
11. The Heard -- Exit 9 (Garage Greats)
12. The Stoics -- Hate (Garage Greats)
13. The Thunderbirds -- Hey Little Girl (Garage Greats)
14. Chiquita -- Father In Law (Cha Cha)
15. The Headstones -- 24 Hours (Everyday) (Garage Greats)
16. The Headstones -- Wish She Were Mine (Garage Greats)
17. The Sound Barrier -- Hey, Hey (Garage Greats)

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

Cover art photo by birdfarm

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