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Mutamassik - That Which Cannot Destroy (2010)

Musically motivated by funk & apocalypse - before, during and after which is the Soul.
spiritual testing > physical punishment
savage > urban
living in the wild on edge > talking politics in nice warm room
crunchy & heavy
raw & relentless
keeper of the instrumental flame {raw crunchy nuts music}
Head bangin’ music.
Sa’aidi Buttafuoco on a Glandular Level.
Drums & Colors, Pulse & Blood.
Beat down the dough before it beats down you.
Relentless Rhythms from the Immigrant Sound Sources. Punk Jaw Pan-African. Pioneer of Sa’aidi Hardcore & Baladi Breakbeats. Big Greasy Nose Music.
AfriArabiQ BaroQ.+Martial MelanQ.+DarQ PunQ Qubti FunQ.+

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