Shackleton - Death is not final (12"/2008)



phonetics said...
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phonetics said...

Dont know what to think about giving away all that music. Can you convince me?


Liquid Dilemma said...

Hello Phonetics! thx for the comment and engaging in discussion..

First of all we don't want to convince anybody in downloading music on this blogspot. It's out there, like many others, spread worldwide.

All our contributors love surfing the internet always looking for fresh music to discover and all the music featured on this blogspot, is found somewhere on the internet.
Other blogspots, forums, etc.
If you're creative in googling stuff on the internet, everybody could easily find this music, just like us.

Only the mixes are uploaded by the contributors themselves.

When we get a request to remove a link by the author(s) or their manager/spokesperson.. we do so, instantly.

We hope this comment made things more clear?

Meanwhile we listened to some of your stuff, great! We already have one contributer in Brussels but we would love to post a mix sometime.

Let us know.

The Liquid-Dilemma-Team