Godzilla vs. Ralph Records

I stumbled upon a collection of LPs from San Francisco based label Ralph Records, mostly recorded in the 80s and now out of print. They blew my mind. The record dealer claimed that he got them directly from the keyboardist of weirdo experimentalist band, The Residents. I put together a few tracks here that did excessive neuron damage to my brain. It's just a snippet of the later Ralph catalog but it reminds us that 1) electronic music is funky, 2) the 80s weren't as bad as everyone thinks, 3) triple pitch shift harmonics sound really nice, and 4) San Francisco is a freaky little town.

Ralph Records is still around today but I haven't caught up with what's getting released. Looks like a lot of live albums.

Yours, DJ Bylamplight

download (zip of mp3s)

1. Yello -- Bimbo
2. Snakefinger -- There's No Justice In Life
3. Tuxedomoon -- 59 to 1
4. The Residents -- I'll Go Crazy
5. Renaldo & The Loaf -- The Elbow is Taboo
6. Michael Perilstein -- Tess, I part as AI, Liz do go to Godzilla's; a trap is set.
7. Renaldo & The Loaf -- Hambu Hodo
8. Renaldo & The Loaf -- Extracting The Re-Re
9. Renaldo & The Loaf -- Critical/Dance
10. The Residents -- I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
11. Psycho Acoustic Sounds -- Covered Wagon
12. Snakefinger -- Bad Day In Bombay (Parts I and II)
13. Snakefinger -- Move
14. Renaldo & The Loaf -- Here's To The Oblong Boys
15. Mark Mothersbaugh -- My Home Town
16. The Residents -- The Festival of Death (excerpt)


Lowdjo said...

Excellent! thank you!!

umbrelladelika said...

this shit is crazy! love it

siys said...

WoW BoB WoW!!!

siys said...

Sadly, Track 10 is not The Residents I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, but Ricky Skaggs Rank Stranger.