rawk - part four..

to close off the week of rock here on our blogspot.. a couple of downloads and a very nice mix from our man in chicago, dj bylamplight.. surf's up!!!

The Slits - Peel session


Black Flag - Wasted again


Dj ByLampLight - Beachin' 65, tracklisting:

The Noblemen - Dragon Walk
The Thunderbirds - Stalking The Thunderbird
The Noblemen - Thunder Wagon
King Curtis - Beach Party
Rockin' Rebels - Wild Weekend
Peggy Scott & JoJo Benson - Soul Shakedown
The Fireballs - Nearly Sunrise
The Fendermen - Torture
The Fireballs - Bulldog
King Curtis - Turn 'Em On
[Some unknown teen garage band, 7-Eleven promo] - Dance The Slurp
The Mar-keys - Bush Bash
The Ventures - Walk, Don't Run
The Thunderbirds - Steel
Booker T & The MGs - Time Is Tight
The Mar-keys - Pop-eye Stroll
Booker T & The MGs - Heads or Tails



Anonymous said...

My name is Damien AVELANGE. I am 31, french, and I live near Paris.

I'm a fan of 60's music. I specialized for my own pleasure in local hits in north America during the 60's and sometimes I am happy to discover great songs.

I am looking for a song, "Stalking The Thunderbird" by a group called "The Thunderbirds". This song was a minor hit in Chicago in 1964 : http://las-solanas.com/arsa/charts_item.php?hsid=42448

One of the only information on the internet I found is this post on your blog where you shared Thunderbirds' songs.

Maybe may you help me to hear these songs.

Best regards,

kumar said...

Hi Damien. Just click the download link and you'll get the Beachin' mix where the 2nd song is the one you are looking for. There are more 60s garage tunes sprinkled throughout the site. You can find them here http://liquiddilemma.blogspot.com/search/label/garage