Lowdjo & Harry :: The blue sunday mix ::

Sunday (pronounced /ˈsʌndi/ or /ˈsʌndeɪ/ (Speaker Icon.svg listen)) is the day of the week between Saturday and Monday. In the Jewish law, Sunday is the first day of the Hebrew calendar week. In most Christian traditions it is considered the "Christian Sabbath", which is a change from seventh-day Sabbath or Jewish Shabbat.[1] For many Christians it began to take the place of Shabbat as the day set apart for the public and solemn worship of God.

Christophe de babalon – opium
Oval - compact disc
Timeblind – flesh wound
Mika vainio – behind the radiators
Chris watson – oceanus pacificus 3m
Vvv – desperate fa the miracle
Wooden wand & the vanishing voice – caribou christ
Can – spoon
Harmonia - deluxe (Immer wieder)
Kolf – tree shadows
Aphex twin – selected ambient works vol.2 / track1
Leafcutter john – maria in the forest
Prickdecay & thurston moore – slight gut wrenchings
The denison / kimball trio - …two if by sea
The gasman – fingis + flash
Lou barlow – dream / organ
Lexaunculpt – le elancholia
Coh_vox tinnitus – chickenspin
Nederlands psalmen

57:36min 192kbps Mp3 78.99mb
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Anonymous said...

WaAAaaAAaaaAaa downing nowwwwww

comphusion said...

i keep enjoying this one
let me know next time i'll get my ass over there

Lowdjo said...

thanks man! the opium-track gets me in the right mood evey time..
drop me a line when you're back from the rotterdam-gig so we can meet up.

kumar said...

this mix gets really good in the middle. I love the spoken word tracks.

frederic said...

männer, zalige mix