Future of the left - Travels with myself and another (2009)

Travels With Myself And Another, the second album from Welsh band Future of the Left opens with the searing “Arming Eritrea” and never lets up from there. It’s a furious, thundering collection of punk inspired rock, with often sardonic, mocking and profane lyrics frequently as abrasive and ferocious as the music itself, all of it sounding something like Ministry’s industrial noise with guitars instead of synths. However one chooses to classify it, nothing quite like Travels With Myself And Another has appeared this year. I can say without reservation that this is a great record that I’ve been listening to over and over since I got my hands on it. If your tastes run to indie folksy or chamber pop, then maybe this won’t be your cup of tea, but to all punk and hard rock fans, I say check this out. Standout cuts: “Arming Eritrea,” “The Hope That House Built,” “I Am Civil Service” and “You Need Satan More Than He Needs You.”


1. "Arming Eritrea" - 2:57
2. "Chin Music" - 1:56
3. "The Hope That House Built" - 3:41
4. "Throwing Bricks at Trains" - 2:36
5. "I Am Civil Service" - 2:17
6. "Land of My Formers" - 2:47
7. "You Need Satan More Than He Needs You" - 2:46
8. "That Damned Fly" - 2:07
9. "Stand by Your Manatee" - 2:08
10. "Yin/Post-Yin" - 2:54
11. "Drink Nike" - 2:33
12. "Lapsed Catholics" - 4:15

great album

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