Gal Costa - Índia

Índia is a Brazilian folk album from Gal Costa and is one of my favorite albums by her. It came out in 1973 and was immediately banned by the Brazilian government so it is somewhat rare. Interestingly, my favorite songs are toward the end, as if the songs were sequenced with the best ones last. Or maybe it's just one of those albums that takes a few songs to blossom.

It has some all-star work on it like most Gal albums -- most notably it was produced by Gilberto Gil in his heydey, the majority of songs were written by Caetano Veloso, and songs #3 and #8 were arranged by Arthur Verocai (who is only just recently beginning to get proper dues for his talent).

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1. Índia
2. Milho Verde
3. Presente Cotidiano
4. Volta
5. Relance
6. Da Maior Importância
7. Passarinho
8. Pontos De Luz
9. Desafinado


Monty said...

Just discovered your amazing blog...been going back through it...any chance of getting PHONOLOGICA 1 from 17/2/09 re-uploaded...NOW PLAYING:Them Crooked Vultures-s/t...having a twisted heavy rock Sunday afternoon...who knows what'll come next...

Liquid Dilemma said...

damn, like you're reading my mind!
i was going to post the exact same album; cosmic??

Anonymous said...

@monty: check here: http://soundcloud.com/comphusion/phonologica