Fantasma - Fantasma City (2010)

FANTASMA, Cumbia and Beyond

Fantasma was gestated in 2001, formed by Martín Roisi and Pablo Antico, A.K.A. Fantasma (artistic, guitar and voices) and Mr Negro (raps & frontman).

They redeveloped Tropical cumbia styles with a mix of hip hop and electronic sounds that seem to come right from a Digital Shanty Town!

Using music as a weapon, they started moving in different social levels in an integration crusade, from touring in Paris (2007) and being played on TV´s primetime show "Susana Giménez," to being founders of the multicultural social project Odisea 20, settled in a shanty town (Villa 20, Villa Lugano).

They took M.I.A. and dj producer Diplo to the heart of Buenos Aires Shanty Towns"Arte Villero/Shanty Town Art" in which their new album is its soundtrack.
introducing them this amazing and creative world. In 2008 they received financing from The Prince Claus Foundation to make the documentary film.

ARTE VILLERO / SHANTY TOWN ART - trailer from Fantasma on Vimeo.

They have a new album out called "Fantasma City" with an amazing cumbia-version of "Ghost Town" by The Specials, take a look at their website for some previews and order yourself a copy, today!!


previews / downloads / shop.. HERE

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