Zygote XX: A Sampling of Female Fronted Punk Rock 1977-89

Vince B and some contributors put together a massive twelve hour collection of nothing but female fronted punk rock from 1977 to 1989. Not only was this hard to digest but it was, well, full of mostly mediocre punk rock in my opinion. It took me six months to get through the entire thing but I'm glad I did because I found some monster gems in there. After careful consideration and scrutiny, here it is again boiled down to a 50 minute compilation of choice selections. The sound quality isn't the greatest and it could use some remastering (volume adjustment, etc) but not surprisingly the original records are pretty hard to track down. Thanks Vince!

Download zip of MP3s

1. Kontrola W. -- Manekiny (listen)
2. Essential Logic -- Quality Crayon Wax OK (listen)
3. The Rezillos -- Flying Saucer Attack
4. Petticoats -- Allergy
5. 45 Grave -- Black Cross
6. Asbest -- Family Care
7. Nikki Corvette -- Young & Crazy
8. Accident (a.k.a Accidents) -- True Detective
9. Sperma -- Please Love Me Tonight
10. Lewd -- Magnetic Heart
11. Doll -- Trash
12. Sick Things -- Anti-Social Disease
13. The Stripes -- Weekend Love
14. Neo Boys -- Never Comes Down
15. Fega Påhopp -- Hålla Masken
16. Ludus -- Mother's Hour
17. The Mo-Dettes -- White Mice
18. Fatal Microbes -- Violence Grows
19. Ici Paris -- Le Centre Du Monde
20. Hagar The Womb -- Idolization

Photo by Sean Molin (Creative Commons)

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Rob said...

You forgot to say that this is merely your opinion based on your preferences of the whole collection.