DJ umbrelladelika! - A Cold Turkey Mixtape

End of the year mixtapes on Liquid dilemma

this one by DJ umbrelladelika!

it's.. simply.. too cold..

a collection of dusty vinyl and scratched cd's


Rachels - seratonn

Instant composers pool – suffering

Leafcutter john – let it begin

Lou barlow – subsonic 6 (track 12 bonus)

June of 44 – AIR#17

Tortoise – six pack

New wet kojack – real world tonight

Shellac – boycott

Mercury rev – meth of a rockette’s kick

Unwound – lowest commun denominator

Blonde redhead – mama cita

Slint – nosferatu man

Future of the left – The big wide o

Ow – park

Chavez – nailed to the blank spot

Big black – cables

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