Egon Fisk - Leaking colours EP (out now on umbrelladelika records)

Yes! The adrenaline is leaking out of our ears, as UBD records is releasing Leaking Colours, the debut EP by Egon Fisk.
Limburg’s finest knob twister has spent the past few years refining his programming skills to dish up this wild stereophonic treat, a plate of perfectly measured out, well seasoned electronics cooked up the oldskool way.
Egon Fisk provides the perfect blend of epic musicality and dancefloor hypnosis. With a strong emphasis on slick synth sounds over funky broken beats, these eight headphone dance tracks will delight DJ’s too. Think Juan Atkins and Zappa, an encounter of Eero Johannes and Bach going crazy over the club sauce.

The second release on Brussels-based UBD records, Leaking Colours is pressed on 12-inch vinyl and contains a octagonal shaped CD with all the tracks and one extra song. The record is limited to 500 copies, the exact number of hours Egon Fisk spent sawing holes in a wooden board and getting the lighting right for the installation featured in the record’s artwork. An awesome feat of engineering, especially designed to blow your mind. Yes, yours!

Leaking colours by Egon Fisk


DJ Umbrelladelika! presents a.leaking.colours.promo.mix
specially concocted for you, using only the best in IDM/ELECTRO/BASS&BREAKS!

Egon fisk – mr fillyjonk disappearance
(umbrelladelika records - ubd002)
Sunken foal – triplehorn
(planetµ - ziq217)
Superlicious – matriarcal society
(lamadameaveclechien - dog001)
Leila – twelved
(warp records - wap244)
Egon fisk – acip meta
(umbrelladelika records - ubd002)
Meat beat manifesto – guns n lovers
(planetµ - ziq202)
Animals on wheels – nonturn
(lamadameaveclechien - dog002)
Egon Fisk – bombshell
(umbrelladelika records – ubd002)
Jahdan Blakkamoore & Matt shadetek – Nice Green
(dutty artz - DA002)
Grimelock – T rox
(jemenfish – JMFLP001)
Egon fisk – gerdec
(umbrelladelika records – ubd002)
Tipper – unlock the geometry
(tippermusic – tipp004V)
The tuss – last rushup
(rephlex records – cat189LP)
Egon Fisk – leaking holes
(umbrelladelika records – ubd002)
Egon Fisk – Batchlip Boogeye
(umbrelladelika records – ubd002)
Luke Vibert – cash’n’carry acid
(planetµ - ziq098)
Icteder aka Egon Fisk – Loss
(roulette rekordz – RR11)

Recorded january 2010


using vinyl only




Lowdjo said...

Great record!! Everybody should go out and buy this.. big up to Egon Fisk, and UBD for releasing this!!

comphusion said...

one word: HUGE !!