New Year's Mixtape Pleasures !!! part 4

Dj SickSickSick also made a contribution to our theme, called 'BreakWhores".. for them who like it a little bit rougher...

BreakWhores - Tracklisting:

dj floorclearer - lumpy trousers
kc - extreme steel (counterstrike rmx)
fff - junglist
thye - help me out here
istari lasterfahrer - bombaclat
dj floorclearer - strangle the giant elephant
twinhooker - any bwoy dis m
dj floorclearer vs ebola - afraid
ebola - klingon rave assault squad
duranduranduran - tbi theme (extended)
thye - ravecore
aaron spectre - pay to cum (vip)
dr. bastardo - murderation warrior sound
md1y (tssc) - bad boy
ec8or - think about
johnny violent - johnny is a bastard
patric catani - state2state
ec8or - pick da best one
society suckers - toxic
toecutter - striving for peace between mac and pc users
venetian snares - viva las vegas
dj scud - are u down with the underground
m1dy (tssc) - jumpin' jap crash
i:gor - i don't give a fuck


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