New Year's Mixtape Pleasures !!! part 5

It isn't over yet! More mixtapes arrived today from brussels.. check it.

Lowdjo's PartyBash volumes one and two..

PartyBash 1.0 - Tracklisting:

eno & the winkies - fever (peel)
andrès pajares - dracula ye-ye
crispin hellion glover - these boots are made for walking
saul williams - sunday bloody sunday
can - e.f.s. n° 99
the bug ft. warrior queen - poison dart (skream rmx)
rdb / vocals manak e shera dhi korm ft. wee 2
mrk1 - sensi skank
choppaholix - snap ya fingas
6blocc - digits
elephant man - tall up tall up
odb - baby i gotcha money
manak e - dhoor
dj sangha - uddam katola
amg - bitch betta have my money
saul williams - niggy tardust
lady sovereign - random (menta original mx)


PartyBash 2.0 - Tracklisting:

6blocc - creal
starkey ft. exploder - corner store
timbaland ft. m.i.a. - come around (eli rmx)
jackson and his computer band - rock on
blake baxter - fyu
proxy - decoy
knifehandchop - dirty new york
thxa soe - track 5 (birma)
justice - phantom pt. II
candiehank - leave the disco
jk rolexx - trukk spacin
ben charest - belleville rendez-vous
drop the lime - bella
holy fuck - safari
dark earth - jang
justice - waters of nazareth
mr. oizo - c.h.i.v.e.r.s.
sebastian - head off (faex rework)
duran duran duran - face blast
limewax - terrorizer (vip)
tc & scratch perverts - fuck what you heard
patric catani - l'homme fatal
dj scotch egg - scotch party
ec8or - pick da best one


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