MJ's Final Farewell

So long, Michael Jackson. The media has been going nuts over his death but, hey, it is a big deal. The dude could dance! Liquid Dilemma posted its own farewell tribute with a bag of tunes to go with it but I wanted to make sure you didn't miss some of the great tributes coming out of the wood works.

First off, in case you missed it on Liquid D, Mashit made a bumping version of ABC up against OPP, yeah you know that beat. Originally posted in 2007.

Next, my good friend Kid Did spent the last week paying homage by putting together a really smooth remix of MJ's beautiful and often overlooked tune from 2001, Butterflies. Check the Kid Did remix.

I found out on Twitter from the good people at Ghostly International that Doshhammer whipped up a lovely string piece out of the Rock With Me melody. It's also on Iron DJ's MJ tribute mix. Be sure to follow that link to catch Hype On Hype Vs Jackson 5 ‘I Want You Back’ (Dirty Dub Drop) and I Want You Back ( Z-Trip remix )!

Chicago's own Rhymefest put together a heartfelt tribute to the legendary and influential MJ, The Man In The Mirror. He actually did this in 2008.

Last but not least, this is what started it all: Big Boy, the first single and instant hit by The Jackson 5. It came out in 1968 on a little 45 on the Steel Town label in a sweet northern soul style. This was killing the airwaves around Gary and Chicago but never really blew up beyond that. Next was Motown and the rest is history. Check this excellent compilation to get the gritty pre-history, the lost tapes of Steel Town. If you ask me real nice like I might post a download of that comp :)

yours, DJ Bylamplight

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